Vertical Hoops Mission

Our mission is to provide parents, players, and coaches with the best possible tournament experience every weekend. Our tournament series creates a system where EVERY GAME COUNTS, and consistency matters over a period of tournaments. Our communications, professionalism, and overall quality will be second to none so that our players and coaches can focus on what they came to do, which is to compete for the chip!  Register your teams for our upcoming series!

What makes Vertical Hoops better?

  • Professional Staff members at each site location ready to provide CUSTOMER SERVICE

  • Certified referees instructed to work the game like a regular season high school contest

  • Season long records with a point system to make every game count every weekend

  • Age Verification - No more "questions" about a players age. Have a question - WE WILL VERIFY

  • Parents will NEVER BE ASKED TO WORK CLOCKS OR KEEP SCORE - You're paying us for a service so we plan on providing coaches, players, and parents with a top level tournament experience. 

Why Vertical Hoops is your best choice!

Tired of traveling back to tournaments on Sunday mornings for meaningless games, not sure if the other team will even show up? 

  • Our unique point system eliminates that annoyance by making every game count regardless of your Saturday results.


Tired of playing 6-8 completely unconnected tournaments?

  • Vertical Hoops tournament series involves cumulative points throughout the Spring to measure your teams success against others making our final tournament that much more exciting.